• Characteristic::
    * Carbon composite Spar; lightweight; optimum bend characteristics; designed for durability.
    * Ergonomically designed, self-draining cockpit.
    * Highly innovative self-storing rudder system; automatically deploys wheel eliminating need for land-trolley.
    * Fully-battened computer-cut Mylar sail; designed for durability and performance.
    * Built-in for ease of off-water maneuverability with resilient material to sustain impact.
    * Dual centreboards; asymmetric sections to maximize performance, minimize drag for optimual lift:drag.

  • Blending the best of two worlds in High Performance sailing
    The exhileration of speed and advanced handling techniques of a skiff with the performance and stability of a multi-hull in one exciting experience.
    Learn – Entry-level boat for beginners, provides stable platform to gain confidence and experience.
    Relax – Accommodates up to 2 adults, rig and be on the water with ease, stores easily.
    Fly – Improve your performance with advanced techniques.
    Stores easily horizontally and vertically;
    low-maintenance construction and design giving you more time on the water.